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                     Thank you for considering 
               Silverbrook Kennels

                   when looking for an excellent 
              quality Labrador retriever puppy
We are very serious about our breeding program and work hard to ensure your puppy is free of hereditary defects. When considering dogs of this caliber and potential, soundness is an important issue. All pups purchased at Silverbrook are guaranteed from hereditary defects. All dogs in our breeding program are required to be certified by OFA for hips, CERF for eyes, EIC, CNM, PRA, and RD/OSD. Please explore our LINKS tab to learn more about these testing procedures. We feel it is our obligation as a reputable breeder of fine Labrador Retrievers, to perpetuate all of the outstanding qualities our breed possesses.

Silverbrook carefully selects the breeding stock from the best the AKC, NAHRA and HRC programs have to offer. We select Sires with outstanding producing and competition accomplishments, and base the root of our breeding program on our females who are equally as well decorated. We feel strongly that the female must hold competition titles and have considerable hunting experience before asking you to purchase a puppy from her litter. Many hours must be spent training the mother of your future puppy to produce lines having excellent natural hunting abilities.

We believe so strongly in our program that we guarantee all our puppies exhibit natural hunting ability characteristics, considering that the proper exposure and training have been given. All puppies must retrieve a live wing clipped pigeon at 7 weeks old. In addition, weather permitting, they will be introduced to swimming. Due to an extensive socialization program, most of our pups will retrieve in the water at this age.

All puppies are crate trained as a manner of standard practice. Our crate training will produce a dog who adjusts to your home much quicker because it is comfortable in the crate and you will be able to begin house breaking immediately. A puppy comfortable with crating can begin to acclimate to your feeding and work schedule quicker as well. This is important because your puppy will already understand how to “hold it” in the crate while you begin to establish your schedule.

All necessary worming and shots are given and dew claws are removed. In addition all pups at Silverbrook are microchipped, CERFed and Vet Certified at 6 weeks old.  A puppy book which documents all testing, shots, microchip form, guarantee form, AKC Registration, and crate/bird training progress sheets is printed for each puppy. Owners are provided with the puppy book and a one pound bag of Life's Abundance Health Food for Dogs. We offer an extra year guarantee for your puppy if you agree to continue feeding Life Abundance.   
Although we feel that we produce the best quality working dogs, we consider good pet homes as the most important placement for our pups. We care about the lives they will have after leaving us. We are always available to answer questions about our program or specific questions concerning testing or guarantees. Please take time now to visit our current litters section or view a link for pictures of puppies. We thank you for the opportunity to introduce our puppy program to you and your family


        How to secure a Silverbrook 
   puppy of your very own

A deposit will secure a pick for you on one of our future litters. Most litters are sold by the time they are born, therefore it is a good idea to arrange for a puppy from the litter of your choice as early as possible. We encourage you to come by and visit the facility. Please give us a call and arrange an appointment to meet the puppies and the rest of the gang.

There   is   nothing   better   than  the  Labrador
Retriever for  companionship and working ability.  We believe you will agree once you have had the opportunity to own one of Silverbrook's  fine animals.

      (click to view info on  Silverbrook litters)

Robert Barron and Silverbrook's Magnum Tucker


"Tucker has been the easiest dog to train. He was crate trained when we brought him home, so housebreaking Tucker was the easiest of all our dogs we've had. We can't wait to get another Silverbrook puppy!"

-Robert Barron and Tucker

(click here for more puppy testimonials)

  "Lucy"  (MHR/WR Silverbrook Joey's Girl, SR)                has been a wonderful addition to our lives—both in our home and in the field!  At just 7 weeks of age, she was crate-trained and well-socialized for her age—a standard of practice for all Silverbrook Pups.  Lucy HartsoeTrish has provided us with unlimited “post-puppy purchase” advice and support!  We will continue to recommend Silverbrook Kennels to folks who are serious about acquiring a well-bred, well-cared-for Labrador Retriever puppy!"

                                                 -Susan & Joe Hartsoe


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